Gene here! For the time being, I will be using this Blog to keep you updated on the continued development of the store at Border Station into a fully dressed out Mister Jim’s. I know it’s not a “real” blog but it’s what I can do right now.

On Friday, May 24th around 7:30 AM I am expecting my new booths and tables to arrive – of course, they’re three weeks late but hey, they are really coming this time. Looking for just the right pictures to put on the white walls where the red hanging lamps are. If anyone has any vintage Moyock or beach photos they’d like to lend to the store, let me know.

I working on a workaround so we can put the Fresh-cut fries on the menu – who’d think it would be so hard! I appreciate all of the kind remarks about our ice cream and subs.

I know that up to this point we have been less than perfect on our service levels…but we are all working on improvement.